Blind Cat Moonshine

IMG_1694The Alaskan population prides itself in being The Last Frontier. They are rugged and strong. This state isn’t for the weak of heart, and neither is High Mark Distillery’s very intriguing Blind at Moonshine! It’s popularity is far reaching among all ages of partakers. It fights mediocre and comes screaming out on top! One can not live or travel through this wild countryside we call Alaska without saying they’ve “Tamed the Cat!”

Our one of a kind Blind Cat Moonshine is just an animal of its own! It was created out of the best corn and techniques that our proud country has to offer. Our hats off to Washington, Tennessee, and Kentucky for all of the help in getting our corn liquor started! Then, of course, a little “Call of the Wild” ingredients were stirred in to make it distinctly Alaskan!
It slides down smooth, warms you right up, then gives a good Northern “Hello” to all partakers. This spirit has just been too fun to keep it caged up! Come and getcha some!

* Now don’t you worry, Alaska, all High Mark Distillery product names and recipes are kept safe and secure in an old pine box buried out back. (We keep a copy of each recipe tucked away in our attorney’s office, with that little trademark symbol stamped on it too.)

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