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I tried the Nickle Back and just WOW! It lasted like one of grandma’s apple pies. I have been searching for the vodka but haven’t found it yet.
Pete Warner
WOW !!! I am sooo pleased that people have a chance to experience Nickelback Applejack. I had the pleasure of sampling this wonderful adult beverage last summer and cannot wait to try it again. So smooth and a wonderful apple pie flavor that cannot be duplicated. High Mark is a real winner and I cannot wait to try their next product. “I love their can do attitude too”
Phil Rumpel
The Highmark Distillery Vodka is the smoothest and the Nickelback Applejack enhances chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream wth a flavor not duplicated in any other way. CONGRATULATIONS HIGHMARK DISTILLERY
Gail L. Keith
I am so glad that you are joining the 2013 vendors. Your Nickel Back Apple Jack is amazing, and I can’t wait to try Berries on Ice!!! With your High Mark Vodka being so tasty, I only imagine Berries on Ice will be too.
As a recent recipient of ” Bou Juice ” it was a refreshing drink with a delightful apple taste. Everyone loved it. I would expect nothing else from my very hard working and capable little sister. I can’t wait to try the other nectars High Mark are distilling
Jarrett Rose
Everything about this distillery screams True Alaskan spirit. I’m sure the lower 48 will be asking for this stuff very soon. If you haven’t tasted the Apple Jack yet you have not been living right.
Jim H
The Nickleback Applejack has become a staple at our family and friends’ houses and get togethers. Warmed up a little, it is a tasty alternative to the normal beer, wine, and other spirits.
Iver Ohnemus
I was a big fan of the High Mark Vodka . It was a delight on the pallet whether it was mixed with my favorite mixer or straight on the rocks with a twist of lime.
Crystal Harris
The best vodka on the market!!! The taste that has you begging for more! Thank you High Mark!!!
Love, love , love Nickel Back Apple Jack! Gave 7 bottles out as Christmas Gifts here in Anchorage. Everyone loved it! They all keep asking when and where they will be able to get some in the big city? Great job High Mark!
Dawn Knoblock

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