High Mark Vodka

HighMark Vodka2The Alaskan trend is one of spirit drinkers and mixologists who are consistently ordering higher end Vodkas. The modem Alaskan vodka drinkers are showing measurable market growth through high interest in ultra supreme quality rather than solely considering the cost per drink. Today’s Alaskan consumers are overwhelmingly selecting higher quality over cheaper quantity consumption. 

High Mark Distillery answers this “call for quality” by producing its ultra premium, single batch Arctic Ice Vodka. It’s rare mixture of fine White Spring Wheat and glacier fed Arctic head waters, delight the desires of those seeking an Alaskan hand distilled spirit that pleases the most discerning of palettes.

The smooth, crisp components of the High Mark Vodka is coveted and closely kept as a secret recipe. It has been adapted from small distilleries found at the Northern most tip off Ireland’s West Coastline. High Mark’s Irish relatives don’t just eat their wheat, they taught us how to drink it as well!

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