Spirits created at High Mark Distillery

High Mark Vodka:

HM Vodka- Label (2)The Alaskan trend is one of spirit drinkers and mixologists who are consistently ordering higher end Vodkas. The modem Alaskan vodka drinkers are showing measurable market growth through high interest in ultra supreme quality rather than solely considering the cost per drink. Today’s Alaskan consumers are overwhelmingly selecting higher quality over cheaper quantity consumption. High Mark Distillery answers this “call for quality” by producing its ultra premium, single batch High Mark Vodka. It’s rare mixture of fine White Spring Wheat and glacier fed Arctic head waters, delight the desires of those seeking an Alaskan hand distilled spirit that pleases the most discerning of palettes. The smooth, crisp components of the High Mark Vodka is coveted and closely kept as a secret recipe. It has been adapted from small distilleries found at the Northern most tip off Ireland’s West Coastline. High Mark’s Irish relatives don’t just eat their wheat, they taught us how to drink it as well!

Nickel Back Apple Jack:

header Nickel-Back-Apple-Jack-Smooth-LabelTrue Alaskans pride themselves in having what no other state has. We are unique, we are pioneers, and we are one of a kind! This philosophy works exceptionally well with our Nickel Back Apple Jack. Our “Old World” secret recipe is making its first American Debut! High Mark Distillery’s owner has precisely combined techniques from the highly coveted “secret family recipe” straight from Ireland and her wonderful Uncle Tim, mixed with a dash of back woods ideas borrowed from traditional Jack makers, to create this All American Traditional Spirit! It is highly requested by those who have sampled its warm; smooth, apple pie ambiance; The locals have fondly dubbed this concoction “Bou Juice”, named after the surrounding Caribou Hills, one of Alaska’s favorite playgrounds for all out wild High Marking and racing through the mountains on snow machines all winter, and mud bogging on 4-wheelers all summer. It warms from within as a nice Hot Toddy stirred with a cinnamon stick, or as a refreshing chilled Jack over ice. They want more! They want it now! It has created a fever! Matching the supply to the high demand is High Mark Distillery’s most enjoyable current challenge! Nickel Back Apple Jack is American bold, while showing respect to it’s Scottish heritage. This makes our exclusive recipe elite! Alaskans like to come in first. Here at High Mark Distillery we did our part. We offer you our “Big Kid Juice” currently not made from scratch anywhere else in the states!

Blind Cat Moonshine:

Blind-Cat-Label-750-ML-Version-copyThe Alaskan population prides itself in being The Last Frontier. They are rugged and strong. This state isn’t for the weak of heart, and neither is High Mark Distillery’s very intriguing Blind Cat Moonshine! It’s popularity is far reaching among all ages of partakers. It fights mediocre and comes screaming out on top! One can not live or travel through this wild countryside we call Alaska without saying they’ve “Tamed the Cat!” Our one of a kind Blind Cat Moonshine is just an animal of its own! It was created out of the best corn and techniques that our proud country has to offer. Our hats off to Washington, Tennessee, and Kentucky for all of the help in getting our corn liquor started! Then, of course, a little “Call of the Wild” ingredients were stirred in to make it distinctly Alaskan! It slides down smooth, warms you right up, then gives a good Northern “Hello” to all partakers. This spirit has just been too fun to keep it caged up! Come and getcha some!

* Now don’t you worry, Alaska, all High Mark Distillery product names and recipes are kept safe and secure in an old pine box buried out back. (We keep a copy of each recipe tucked away in our attorney’s office, with that little trademark symbol stamped on it too.)