Stag Antler Decanter


GLAMORIZE YOUR BAR SET WITH THIS STAG LIQUOR DECANTER: Enter the equine world of decanting with this whiskey decanter. The striking display of the stag figurine stands proudly and is mounted on a hallmarked mahogany base. Crafted from fine borosilicate, the stag decanter is a beautiful statement piece, paying tribute to one of the most majestic animals. This collection is inspired by horses and deer, and is the perfect addition to any connoisseur's barware.

  • ARTISAN CRAFTED - AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR THE CONNOISSEUR AND SAVANT: Experience the best in urban hunting with stag art. Our carefully designed stag decanter makes a statement on any coffee table or home bar. Molded from blown soda lime glass. 100% Lead Free.
  • HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Great as a starter of finishing touch for any bar. This is a hand crafted, carefully constructed stag decanter that is the result of an in depth study of real animals and conveys a high level of quality.
  • UNIQUE & ELEGANT: Even the most relaxed evening sipping wine or whiskey with friends becomes a lively affair to remember with this beautiful stag decanter. Pour up and impress your guests with this uniquely crafted decanter.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: If you are in need of a great gift then look no further. The stag decanter is made to last and create memories. Treat yourself or friends and family to this charming whiskey decanter that was made to impress

Fulfilled by our friends at The Wine Savant