Sveres and Bloxx w/ Rock Glasses Gift Set


This is the ultimate gift for the guy that has everything. It is ready to go - just include a card. Perfect for any occasion - Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and Groomsmen gifts. The set has everything you need to make jumbo ice balls and ice cubes.  


  • Sveres Ice Ball Tray
  • Bloxx Ice Cube Tray
  • Two (2) 10oz Wall Street rock glasses
  • Gift box and bow


Sveres is the next generation of The Original Whiskey Ball. The easy to use tray makes 6 jumbo ice balls that are the largest in its class, measuring 2.5" in diameter. Sveres features built-in funnels for each cavity to allow easy filling and a water fill line so you make the perfect ice ball every time. Silicone rubber bottoms allow easy removal ice balls. No more twisting, banging, and running under water to get the ice ball out. The Sveres tray is stackable so you can make large batches and can store ice balls for when you need it. 

  • Makes six (6) jumbo ice balls at a time
  • Ice balls measure 2.5" in diameter
  • Built in funnels and water fill lines
  • Stackable design
  • Flexible bottom for easy ice ball removal
  • Store ice balls for future use
  • BPA-free



The common king cube tray has finally evolved. Bloxx makes six gigantic 2-inch ice cubes that are perfectly cubed with no bevels like the ones from traditional king cube trays. A rigid frame supports the frame as you fill and transport to the freezer, while the provided lid blocks out freezer odor during storage. It’s stackable design allows you to make more with the same amount of freezer space so you are fully stocked whenever you need them. Best of all, the EZ-release bottom makes removing ice cubes a breeze.

  • Makes 6 two-inch bevel-less jumbo cubes
  • Rigid frame for spill-free transport to freezer
  • Lid repels freezer odor
  • Stackable design
  • EZ-release bottom for effortless ice removal
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe

Fulfilled by our friends at The Whiskey Ball