Build Your Barrel

53-Gallon Barreling Experience

Please Note: This is specifically for the 53-Gallon Barrel at a price of $12,500. Due to the cost of this experience payment will be handled differently than the 2-Liter and 5-Gallon barrel experience. Upon requesting this experience, one of our barreling party coordinators will contact you to go over all this and confirm your request and schedule payment.

🌟 Dive into the High Mark Barrel Experience! 🌟

Ever dreamed of crafting your very own whiskey recipe? Perhaps give your family and employees your own custom spirit bottle as gift? Embark on a thrilling journey with the High Mark family and craft your signature barrel! Here's how the magic happens:

1. **Pick Your Barrel Size:** - Grand **53-gallon experience** = a whopping 265 (750ml) bottles!

2. **Set the Date:** Choose when you and your crew want to embark on this whiskey journey. Your private barrel bash is set!

3. **Bring Your Squad and Feast:** Rally up to 10 pals (including you) to share in this experience, all Included with every Barrel Purchase. And as you embark on this journey, sip fabulous cocktails and feast on delectable charcuterie. Every moment is crafted for your delight! (All included in the price, no additional cost to bring your friends with you)

4. **Taste & Craft:** Sip and savor various recipes, or brew a unique blend that screams YOU. When it's perfect, name your barrel and pour in your concoction!

5. **Ageing Artistry:** Your barrel will nestle in our Barrel House. Under the loving care of our Master Distiller, it will mature to perfection. Curious about its progress? Pop by anytime! (Make Appointment at Least 24hrs in Advance)

6. **Design Time:** Time to unleash your inner artist! Design a custom label that's as unique as your whiskey. Should you decide to skip this step, don't sweat it – your bottles will be elegantly blank.

7. **The Big Reveal:** When your barrel hits its prime, we'll give you a shout. Get ready for round two of fun, where you'll bottle up your masterpiece!


53-Gallon | Approximately 4 years

Join us and etch your mark in the whiskey world. After all, at High Mark, you're not just a guest – you're family! 🥃🎉

💡 **For Our Esteemed High Mark Investor Barrel Club Members:** This 53 Gallon Experience is not currently available to you as part of your complimentary barreling experience. Please see the 2-Liter & 5-Gallon Experience. Your Promocode will only work for that experience.