The High Mark Barrel Club offers an exciting opportunity to invest into the Bourbon industry unlike ever before.

Involvement in our investment community grants exclusive access to unique hospitality experiences that allow you to pair your love of spirits, investing, and networking all in one.

Since 2010, bourbon cask prices have appreciated per year (depending on the distillery and age). In comparison to other asset classes, bourbon has outpaced nearly every other category during the period 2010 through 2020.

The Bourbon Whiskey
Industry has seen a
staggering $4.1 billion
in revenue generated
in 2020 alone.

Bourbon has enjoyed
an annual growth rate
of 6.4% which is
expected to continue
through 2028.

In 2019, the United States exported more than $1billion worth of whiskey, with bourbon accounting for a significant portion of those exports. It is also beginning to rise in prominence internationally, positioning the industry to see even greater demand in the future.

Sales of high-end
bourbon (priced over
$35 per bottle) have
increased by more than
130% in the past decade.

Bourbon tourism has become a major draw in Kentucky, with more than one million visitors coming to the state each year to visit distilleries and participate in bourbon-related activities.

The rarity and exclusivity of bourbon can be seen in the limited release and allocation of some of the most sought after bottles. Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year, releases just 7,000 bottles per year. Demand is so high that they sell for thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

2020 Knight Frank Wealth Report

“Bourbon sales do not typically demonstrate the volatility we have seen in equity markets, commodities, property or precious metals.”

Why Invest In Bourbon?

As an asset, Bourbon has become an increasingly popular option in recent years. Grow your wealth and have fun doing it with these additional incentives.

Strong Returns

Generate a profitable return that often outpaces most mainstream, traditional asset classes.

Diversified Investment

This alternative asset class that has proven to not only be both lucrative and resilient over time, but also fun!

Inflation Hedge

As a tangible asset, Bourbon casks can serve as a powerful hedge against inflation and general market risks.

Limited Supply vs. Growing Demand

As a major exported product – demand currently far outpaces the supply. The market has seen double digit growth year on year for more than two decades.

Investment Process

  • Select Investment

    High Mark’s Barrel Investor Club offers different investing options depending on supply and demand. Review the available investment offerings and determine which one best aligns with your goals.

  • Concierge Call

    High Mark’s Investor Concierge will answer any questions you may have and ensure investors meet the necessary requirements set forth by the SEC.

  • Documents & Funding

    Once your investment type and amount has been confirmed, you will complete the necessary documentation with a few simple steps and then finalize the funding of your investment.

  • Membership & Monetization

    Upon completing your investment, you’ll enjoy membership benefits of the Barrel Investor Club while waiting to receive your return on investment based on the selected offering timeline.

Still Have Questions?

Interested in Investing and Joining the High Mark Barrel Club and still have questions? Send us a message and one of our Barrel Club specialists will contact you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment timeline and returns amounts are unique to the specific investment offering you elect to move forward with, which details out the % and payout schedule in the offering documents. 

Our barrel investment offerings vary by return percentage and payout timeline. The investment documents specifically outline the potential risks and rewards of each investment in full detail.

Based on what investment option you elect to move forward with, it’s recommend that you consult with your CPA regarding short term and long term capital gains and your individual tax implications from this type of investment.

Simply, you will review and sign (electronically) our Investment Agreement and any other documents necessary to finalize your investment.

The Barrel Investor Club is strictly an investment and doesn’t allow for any spirit or bottle customization. For a customizable experience for your own spirit, go to www.buildyourbarrel.com


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