Our Story

The High Mark Journey

From handcrafting spirits in an old airplane hangar in remote Alaska to providing the highest quality spirits in Nevada, High Mark Distillery has experienced quite the meteoric rise to success.

In 2010, Felicia Keith-Jones, who had spent her career thus far flying planes and teaching in the Alaskan Bush, decided to fulfill the dream of opening a distillery in one of the most remote locations on the planet. After studying in Ireland and receiving the proper credentials, she returned to Alaska and initiated the birthplace of High Mark Distillery.Despite humble beginnings, the quality and value of each handcrafted beverage inspired people to spread the news of the new distillery and before long the facility was booked with tasting parties, tours, concerts, and weddings.To create a bigger spark, the location of the distillery was moved to Reno, Nevada in 2018 and the response from people in the local area has been nothing short of spectacular.At High Mark Distillery, all our grains are Nevada grown, and our fruits are delivered fresh from the family-owned farms. The organic juices are pressed, and we begin mashing and distilling from orchard to bottle right away, to preserve the freshness.If you’re in Reno, we encourage you to come visit for a tasting!


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