Diamond Glasses - Set of 4


SOPHISTICATED DIAMOND SHAPE, SURE TO IMPRESS: Aerate your drink and swirl it lowly, in this diamond inspired glass. Nothing says classy and sophistication with the perfect glasses for sipping cognac, or drinking whiskey and scotch in these diamond old fashion glasses. Perfect for all drinks whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine and more.

  • DIAMOND DESIGN, DURABLE AND HAND-BLOWN BY SKILLED ARTISANS: These lead free glasses are hand blown with thick glass to prevent breakage. Holds itself at a 50 degree angle without spilling. Trays are include to hold them upright when you're done drinking!
  • BEAUTIFUL AND EASY TO DRINK FROM: The mouth opening prevents evaporation while it allows you to drink without spilling your delightful drink.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Great gift for couples or for him, Gift for any occasion, Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, Valentines day or just because! Comes in a box to gift.
  • MAKES ANY TABLE, OFFICE OR BAR LOOK CLASSY: These glasses will fully make a table or any bar look beautiful, classy and elegant to perfection. The addition of the dark, wooden trays enhances the classiness of the diamond glasses. The Diamonds shape is truly uniqe and different

Fulfilled by our friends at The Wine Savant